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Scientists reverse brain damage on a toddler – is what the headlines reads on a news video on Good Morning America, USA Today, ABC News and other media.

It is described as a medical breakthrough, as doctors use oxygen therapy to partially reverse brain damage that incurred after a two-year old child had fallen into a family pool, in Arkansas. The child was unable to talk or walk after the damage. The family turned to Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, which was applied to the child for 55 days and the results were astounding. She is now able to be alert, eat, speak and has only mild residual injury remaining.

Not A New Treatment

Although, this is not a new treatment, there hasn’t been a lot of random clinical controlled trials around the treatment. Having said that it, is a low-risk procedure which has shown positive results and many benefits.

Doctors around the country, that know and use this technique have long known about the benefits and its success capabilities.

New Life Medical Group Breakthroughs

At New Life Medical Group, we have seen our own breakthroughs and regularly receive calls from parents treating children for incidents as this, as well as adults as well.

One such story is that of a child who began HBOT, and after 40 sessions had regained the ability to speak and eat and walk. She was accepted into therapy at the Shepard Center in Atlanta for the physical therapy that helped her continue her recovery. She will go back to high school in a few weeks.

Such success stories solidify why we do what we do.

In our experience, we have learned that the sooner that treatment is applied after an injury, the better the results.

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