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Detoxification – Narcotics

There are many paths to becoming dependent on narcotics. It commonly starts after an injury or surgery. Short term pain medications can quickly turn into a long term dependency on narcotics.
After the injury, narcotics can give a sense of euphoria or well-feeling that creates a sense of dependency. As the brain is exposed to narcotics, higher and higher doses are required to maintain the well-being feeling. Attempts to stop narcotics produce withdrawal symptoms such as stomach pain, runny nose, loose bowel movements or insomnia and a vicious cycle starts.
At New Life Medical Group in Jackson, TN, serving Nashville, TN, we understand that conventional detox programs are not always an option for everyone. It is important to address the physiological effects of withdrawal. The NLMG detox program combines HBOT, IV therapies and supplements that address both the withdrawals and the damage to the body from long term narcotics usage. Depending on how long narcotics have been used, in as short as in 5 days or over a weekend, you or a love one can start a life without drugs. Give as a call in Jackson, TN, at 1-888-885-HEAL or 731-660-2056 and ask for the NLMG detox program. It’s never too late to start investing in your body and health.

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