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Ketamine was developed in the 1960’s for both medical and veterinarian purposes. It is still used on a regular basis for these purposes in the hospitals as part of anesthesia protocols and for pain relief. New therapeutic uses for ketamine have been identified in the last few years. The two main areas identified are for psychological therapies (e.g., depression and PTSD) and chronic pain (e.g., refractory pain syndromes and chronic regional pain syndromes). It is a dissociative compound/drug that works in the brain helping “reset” itself but causing an odd feeling with a sensation of separation of mind and body that can have therapeutic benefit for these psychological and pain conditions.


  • provides therapeutic benefits for those suffering with depression and PTSD

  • promotes healthy circuits in the brain

  • regrows synapses in the brain

  • improves quality of life for those suffering with PTSD and depression

  • reduces symptoms of those suffering with treatment-resistant depression

  • relieves chronic pain

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    Angela McDaniel

    We’ve used pretty much every intervention you can think of with our children. It became undeniable that the improvements were because of the HBOT treatment. You have to ask yourself, how much are you willing to pay to hear your child say I love you?


    About 6 or 7 years ago I started having chronic back problems. If you’re in chronic pain, and you really need relief, it’s worth looking into. It can help improve the quality of your life. I would definitely recommend this to anybody with chronic pain.


    Stroke Recovery: I had a stroke that left me with a pain that was like a hot iron turned on high and stuck to me. I’m not through with treatment and I already don’t have to take pain medication throughout the night.

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