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Long COVID-19


You may be over COVID-19, but you still feel the remnants of COVID-19 symptoms such as fatigue, fogginess, joint pain and more. Personalized treatment options are unique per individual but often involve HBOT, IV exosome therapy, IV immune modulation, IV NAD, stem cell mobilization and more.


  • aids complete recovery from COVID-19

  • reduces inflammation

  • supports immune system

  • supplies nutrients

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    Tomorrow is 2 weeks from my initial consultation with Dr. Schmidt. I notice more energy- less anxiety. Every day is 4-7 hours, but luckily they put me in a room alone so I can work or do whatever I need to do. Everyday Alex, Dr. Schmidt or both come to check on me. So far I am very pleased with the care that I am receiving, so if you're struggling — check New Life Medical Group out. Another 10 days to go! I admit I was skeptical but I am seeing very positive results, and I am so happy!


    I had COVID in August, and I came immediately to receive the treatment. It has helped me regain my energy, and I no longer have brain fog!


    I lost my taste for over a year. Dr. Schmidt's treatments have helped me get it back. I also don't feel as sick or tired as I did. I thank them for helping me!


    When we initially started my son's treatments, he was probably sleeping 16 hours a day. We sought different treatment options and were lucky to find New Life Medical Group. He is back in school now and is doing well!


    COVID had became unmanageable at home and forced me into the hospital. I was worried about scarring in my lungs. I did 10 HBOT treatments; after my second treatment, I came off my oxygen. I would highly recommend Dr. Schmidt!

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