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Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP)


PRP comes from your own blood. We obtain a blood sample from you and centrifuge it to separate the plasma, red cells and what is known as the “buffy coat.” We aspirate, remove the plasma layer near the buffy coat where the platelet concentration is high. For PRP injections, the concentrated platelets are re-injected into your body at the site of injury to start the healing process.


  • promotes healing

  • improves functional status of injury area

  • increases growth factors and signaling proteins

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    PRP? Never heard of it, even though celebrity athletes have used it. I’m not much of a sports person, so I don’t keep up. When I heard about the complex growth and healing factors right in my own blood — and how concentrating them and using them to inject in my plantar fascia might resolve my years of pain and inability to reasonably walk farther than to and from my vehicle — I was all in. It seems that at NLMG, each success leads to another success. Got to go. Time for a walk and do some errands. Pain free, that is.


    “To exist and not live is not good.” I thought that forever people would be driving me around and helping me put my clothes on. I have no more pain, I don’t have a burning. Pain works on your mind, body and it takes a lot of things away. You can sleep or do anything – you have no life. Dr. Schmidt is so wonderful – he attends to your physical needs and emotional needs – it is the whole person he is attending to. This has given me my life back. You don’t want to be on medicines your entire life. I am free of my pain and I never thought I would be.

    Helen Cooley

    Things were so bad before I had the PRP that I couldn’t even change the sheets on my bed…I could not sweep the floor. There were just so many things that I could not do. After the PRP, I was able to do most anything in the world…

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