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Living with joint pain can put a damper on so many everyday activities. Simply walking up the stairs or enjoying a friend’s wedding band can seem impossible. If you haven’t found medical help, it may be time to consider regenerative medicine as your form of joint pain treatment. You may be wondering what exactly regenerative medicine means. It simply means that we use some of your own body’s tissue to help heal disease and injury. Here at New Life Medical Group, we use primarily 3 main regenerative therapies. Check out the below information about how each of these therapies can help you.

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem cell therapy focuses on delivering stem cells to parts of the body that are in need. Adipose tissue (fat cells) or stem cells taken from bone marrow are removed from the patient’s own body. The tissue is made into a stem cell concentrate and injected at the focal point of treatment in the patient’s body. Once the stem cell concentrate has entered the treatment site, they begin the regeneration process. These cells have been found to have immunomodulatory characteristics. They reduce inflammation by inhibiting T-cell activity and the chemical signals that arrive on the scene of an injury or disease process.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelet rich plasma (PRP), or platelet concentrates have been studied extensively since the 1990s. While similar products previously used in medicine (fibrin glue) were very expensive, PRP provided a cost effective alternative. Plasma concentrates are a way to help the body finish the healing process and strengthen the weakened tissue. It is used for tendinopathies (tendon problems), in addition to problems with ligaments, muscles, meniscus, cartilage, bone, wound and intervertebral discs.


Prolotherapy (short for proliferative therapy) is one way to restart the healing process. Prolotherapy and the above mentioned PRP are both nonsurgical reconstructions to heal joint pain and joint instability. It begins a chain reaction of events that signal the body to focus on the area again. Prolotherapy is most efficacious with a torn ligament (tendonosis). Accidents, sports injuries or just plain wear and tear can cause pain from unstable/worn ligaments and tendons. Prolotherapy will not work on complete tears but in individuals with partial tears or unstable ligaments, it can help them avoid surgery. Prolotherapy can be augmented with PRP (platelet rich plasma) and hyperbaric oxygen therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy, Platelet Rich Plasma, and Prolotherapy can be augmented with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therpay.

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