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Stem cell therapy is a regenerative medicine that helps relieve pain and aids the body in healing itself. It’s not widely recognized, as many are people still learning how the whole process works, and what makes it so efficient.

As with many new breakthrough sciences, there are a lot of misconceptions about stem cell therapy that need to be cleared up. Patients and critics alike need to be educated about regenerative medicine so that more advances can be made in this arena. Let’s take a look and sort the facts from the myths.

Myth: Stem cell therapy doesn’t help to relieve pain.

Fact: Not only does stem cell therapy work to relieve pain, but it also promotes natural healing from within. Stem cells aid in the regeneration and repair of damaged tissue. Many patients report a substantial level of relief after the therapy.

Myth: Surgery is a more useful, reliable source of pain treatment than stem cell therapy.

Fact: This couldn’t be further from the truth. Surgery is invasive and risky for the patient. Recovery time after surgery is lengthy, not to mention the pain and soreness that patients experience. Stem cell therapy is performed as an outpatient procedure and downtime is minimal. There’s no risk of developing blood clots or infection as opposed to surgery, and most patients find that they are good candidates for this treatment.

Myth: All stem cells come from embryos.

Fact: Stem cells can derive from embryos, but in the vast majority of treatments, specifically for pain, the stem cells are harvested right from the patient’s body. These cells live within our body, so there’s no need to use biological material from outside sources.

Myth: Stem cells are painfully extracted from bone marrow.

Fact: Yes, it’s true that some stem cells originate from bone marrow, however, this procedure is not painful. Patients are given a numbing medication that makes the process very easy to endure. Also, stem cells are taken from fat tissue, not just bone marrow. In fact, most treatments use cells extracted from adipose fat tissue.

Myth: Real doctors don’t support stem cell therapy.

Fact: Stem cell therapy has gained traction among the medical community as a whole, thanks to the support of “real doctors” who perform the procedure, and documents the case studies. The physicians who endorse this therapy are board certified professionals who realize the importance of utilizing treatments that support the body’s natural ability to repair itself.

These are just five of many myths associated with stem cell therapy. The truth is that there will always be some fiction surrounding this topic, but with proper education, people can become aware of the benefits of stem cell therapy and begin to see this as a viable solution to pain issues.

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